Instagram now allows anyone to download public Reels

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said Wednesday that the app now allows all users worldwide to download public Reels to their devices. Before this rollout, you could only save Reels in the Instagram app to view them later.

Mosseri said on his broadcast channel on Instagram that the downloaded Reels have an Instagram watermark with the account name – like you see on TikTok.

Users can tap the share button and select the download option to save a reel. Accounts have the ability to turn off downloads for their Reels. You can turn off the download option by Settings > Privacy > Reels and Remixes and tap the “Allow people to download your Reels” toggle.

In particular, if you download a Reel that uses a licensed audio clip, the downloaded video will not contain any audio. Only Reels with the original audio track will have sound in the downloaded clip.

The company started downloading Reels for US-based users in June and is now rolling out the ability to users worldwide.

In 2021, Instagram stopped recommending clips with TikTok watermark (or any other watermark). In August 2022, YouTube began embedding a logo-based watermark on downloaded Shorts — the company’s short video product — to prevent cross-platform sharing.

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