It’s time for Power Rangers to become an animated series

Last August, power Rangers The series is 30 years old. Although it is not completely on par with some of its other superhero peers in terms of popularity, it cannot be denied that Semi-tokusatsu franchise is in the hearts of fans and a certain generation. And like all long-running franchises, there comes a point where substantial change is sorely needed.

Now that Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury has arrived on Netflix – setting the stage for what could be next instead a complete rebellionThe question of the franchise is what comes next for teenagers with attitude. It is known that Hasbro aims to truly make the franchise its own thing, with planned reboots (either as a film or a TV show) and releases expected over the next few years. Whatever those plans are, now is the time for the franchise to bring its colorful activities into the realm of animation.

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Among the various mediums the series has touched on over 30 years, there are a good number of video games, and many, many, many Comics—they’re limited to live-action only. On some level, this is to be expected; Everyone ranger people The series is a combination of original actors and stories with exclusive footage Super Sentai Season. This mixture creates a sweetness that is part of the overall charm of the series, although many think it may be slowly fading. For as long as the franchise has existed, some of its major team-ups or reunions have been hindered due to circumstances beyond its control, such as rights issues or actors not wanting (or not being able) to return. Other times, attempts to turn a property into a bigger thing didn’t sit well with audiences. The most recent of the live-action films was the 2017 reboot, which failed despite a really attractive artist Of teenage actors.

led by cosmic anger, East-ranger people actor katherine sutherland The series is believed to be somewhat limited due to its reliance on Sentai The footage and content and crafting shows around it rather than building its own path. Whether this is true or not is up to personal interest, but Hasbro very clearly has designs on keeping the property away. Sentai. Whereas power Rangers It has had original characters and storylines since the beginning, Cosmic Fury This marked the first time the franchise was telling a completely original story with costumes that were mostly a continuation of the original design ( dino furyIt retains the helmet from the suit worn extensively kishiryu sentai ryusoulger) and it certainly won’t be the last time. In order to be flexible with whatever regulations Hasbro is currently subject to – such as adapting stories boom comics– Taking the Rangers to another medium seems like a good way to establish a new era for the property and liven things up for those who feel Some? Some kind of change is needed.

Animation won’t be an immediate solution for Power Rangers, but if there was ever a time to get on that train, it would probably be now. Time and again, the industry has delivered fun, thrilling takes on established properties that have stuck with audiences for years, and recent series have been able to push the boundaries and ideas of what franchises were capable of. Part of what made recent Western animated shows Mysterious, rule of scavengers, And my adventures with superman The hit is how they take advantage of the freedom of the medium in unique ways, while still looking like some of the coolest stuff you’re guaranteed to see. and how much did you give power Rangers It’s already a perfect fit for the medium – from its basic premise to its occasionally multifaceted scope and yes, even its magical girl-esque transformations – an animated series is more than attention-grabbing and fitting. Will happen.

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with every franchise He’s trying every trick he can maintain oneself and attract larger audiences, a power Rangers Cartoons seem like an inevitability over the next few years. Still, this doesn’t really mean what it would mean to move the series in this direction. If we want to experience that as teens in cute costumes defeating monsters in rock mines and building giant machines, there’s no rule that says it’s always going to happen. Is Has to be done with human actors. Or at least not anymore.

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