Life-size Lord of the Rings Crown of Gondor priced at $750

The life-size Crown of Gondor comes with a significantly less life-size Minas Tirith Image for title article

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In form of Lord of the Rings film trilogy There are a number of historic anniversaries lined up over the next few years, and Warner Bros. is looking forward to delve too greedily and too deeply to get what can it do In the franchise, we all have at least one way to win: ridiculous price Lord of the Rings CollectionAny?

Such is the case with PureArts’ newly announced replica of the crown worn by Aragorn in the climax return of the kingThe beginning of the end of the rule of the kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor, and, well, the return of the King.

In addition to being a literal crown that you can place atop your head, the replica takes it a frankly absurd step further by giving you a scale replica of Minas Tirith – where the crown was kept for a thousand years after the royal line of Gondor was broken. Was kept for the best part. With the demise of Ernur – to display the crown. No ordinary stand here! Minas Tirith even lights up with LEDs to highlight the white city in all its glory and, presumably, make your very fancy crown replica shine a little more.

The absurdity of it all is that The Crown of Gondor will set you back a whopping $750 – no need for the support of an army of fearsome Oathbreakers, or at least a pair of sturdy pieces of fantasy blade. there are only 1,500 14 pounds Replicas are being made, with an even more limited 150-piece run being sold through PureArts that comes with a wall banner depicting the White Tree of Gondor symbol from the films. As if you weren’t already going a little overboard with the crown.

PureArts’ Crown of Gondor replica available pre order now For those interested – click through to see some more photos, if $750 is a little too much for your blood.

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