Loki Season 2, Episode 4: Is Marvel Just Rebooting the MCU, And More Questions After That Cliffhanger

This week on Loki, something important happened. We’re not sure what it was, exactly, but the cliffhanger we got at the end of Season 2, Episode 4 is the kind of thing that could shake the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also makes no sense, as does most everything in the post-Endgame MCU. In the meantime, however, we have many questions that need to be answered.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Loki Season 2, Episode 4.

There are two main plot threads in this episode, which brings us back to the Time Variance Authority HQ after we spent last week in 19th century Chicago. The main thread involves Loki and Mobius bringing Victor Timely to the TVA–a risky move considering a different version of Victor is used to run the place, but the hope is that he can help deal with Temporal Loom, which is still unstable.

Meanwhile, Miss Minutes and Renslayer end up at the end of the season with the corpse of He Who Remains, and Renslayer learns some important lore: that he fought with He Who Remains in the multiversal war, and then he erased Renslayer’s memory afterwards. He referred to the memory erasure as Protocol 42, indicating that it was something that happened regularly for everyone who worked at TVA.

This revelation, along with some nudging from Miss Minutes, gives Renslayer a new idea: Forget He Who Remains, Victor, Kang, and everyone else, and just take control of things himself. . So he tries to recruit General Dox and his hunters to his cause (they were imprisoned for destroying timelines in Episode 2), promising new lives in the timeline if they do as Renslayer says. But General Dox and his troops don’t like it–except Hunter X-05. Renslayer kills the rest with the shrinking box thing from last week, and X-05 goes full baddie. Or is he? Let’s get back to that.

Loki and Mobius return to Ouroboros to see how things are going in the Temporal Loom (still bad), and they introduce him to Victor. And here is where we learn something strange: that OB originally got all of TVA’s technology from Victor’s writings. Which is the darndest thing, really, because Victor’s writings are based on the TVA field manual written by OB.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much time to ponder this paradox, because the Temporal Loom is about to break, and they need someone to go back through the time warp and fix it. Victor volunteers to be one, and he wears one of the big bomb suits that Mobius wore in the season premiere–but the temporal radiation destroys him as soon as he comes out.

There was nothing they could do after that, so Loki, Mobius, and OB just stood there and watched the Temporal Loom explode, after which the episode cut to black.

That’s a big cliffhanger right there, and we have about a million questions we’re about to ask about it. Hopefully, we should get some answers in just over a week, but in the meantime let’s ponder the mysteries. Here’s our biggest question after the big Loki cliffhanger.

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