Maison Margiela’s web3 ‘Blockchain Bingo’ elevates luxury fashion engagement

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The Parisian fashion house Maison Margiela, famous for its luxury clothing and footwear, unveiled an engaging Web3 experience centered on its iconic numbering system, a sign of its physical luxury that clothing and collections. Although the project does not have an official name, it is aptly called ‘blockchain bingo’ and is listed on OpenSea, an American NFT market under the title ‘Numbers’.

This unique experience revolves around 24 token-linked digits, each numbered from 0 to 23, which participants can mint in the coming weeks through a multiplayer game. The goal is to secure all 24 numbers in a row to advance to the next round, with the brand emphasizing that this initiative will serve as the foundation of Maison Margiela’s future Web3 community.

A circle denotes the currently active number, while fully minted numbers are depicted in black. The game ends when the first 100 users have entered all 24 numbers, or at the discretion of Maison Margiela. Clothing tags on physical Maison pieces are numbered from 0 to 23, with one number circled. Each number corresponds to one of 23 unique collections, indicating the collection to which the item belongs.

Maison Margiela’s innovative gamified minting concept is strategically positioned, as the NFT market has experienced a recent slowdown, while the gaming industry continues to grow rapidly. According to IPSOS, the current value of the gaming sector is US $ 385 billion, and it is expected to exceed US $ 522 billion by 2027.

In particular, the history of Maison Margiela is similar to the decentralized principles of Web3. The brand’s eponymous founder, Martin Margiela, kept a low public profile during the brand’s early years, with statements issued collectively by the design team. In 2002, Margiela was acquired by the OTB Group, a founding member of the Aura Consortium, which includes LVMH, Prada Group, Mercedes-Benz, and Cartier (part of the Richemont Group).

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