Mario Wonder Has A Wild Musical Secret Hiding In Plain Sight



A small Mario in Wonder stands on top of a row of musical blocks with a waiting Piranha Plant.



PICTURE: Nintendo



Amazing Super Mario Bros out now on Nintendo Switch, and the reviews hailed the game as a fantastic addition in the plumber’s 2D platforming adventure. While you already know about the exciting features-like Elephant Mario—you probably didn’t hear that when you played wonders with a Pro Controller, the gamepad reveals a unique secret feature.

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As seen by the Easter egg hunter Hidden Game Deals on TikTok, if you turn down the volume on your TV when bumping into colorful musical blocks, the Switch Pro Controller will somehow emit some lowkey but satisfying musical notes. It’s extremely quiet, so the controller should be, like, an inch or so from your ear. But even though it doesn’t house a real speaker, the Pro Controller still sings for you.

According to Hidden Gaming Deals, Nintendo programmed the controller’s vibrations to sound like music. So even if it doesn’t set an orchestral tone for you, as if it might be the PS5 that literally sings everything DualSense, instead it enthusiastically emits a facsimile of notes that give the impression of music. Kotaku also tested it, and can confirm that yes, DJ Mario does bops in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller lounge. It’s a pain, especially if you can accurately platform it to structure a real song.

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Amazing Super Mario Bros made some other welcome changes to Mario’s 2D platforming escapades, including removing the time limit to reduce stress, and adding shadow players to offer help. Something close to the game? A live commentary segment, which was cut before launch because the developers couldn’t make it work. Hey, you can’t have everything all the time. And you want to just turned off.

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