Mario Wonder Proves Nintendo Perfected Weird Little Guys

Everyone loves a wonderful little man. Maybe it is Danny DeVitomaybe catsmaybe TurgleMeat Boy, or the Prince of All Cosmos. The longer the list of awesome little guys in the game, the more Nintendo shows it. It’s been making amazing little guys for decades. Goombas. Midna. Basically all of the Animal Crossing. And Nintendo’s latest offering, Amazing Super Mario Bros, basically a master class in awesome little guy design. Let’s celebrate some of the best of them, shall we?

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1. Prince Florian

prince florian mario bros wonder

Butts on butts.
PICTURE: Nintendo

Outside the gate, just look at this guy. Is he cute? Two cute butts? A cute butt with its own butt? Attractive.

Then there’s the wardrobe. Classic red pea coat, very classy. Two pairs of matching white gloves for a little royal thrift. Smart brown shoes, a little nod to the worker? Maybe. And a crown of the same shape and function thanks to the available badges. Top it off with a perfect head of green hair (leaves?)

2. Poplin

poplin super mario bros wonder

Look at the joy on that face.
PICTURE: Nintendo

Frogs are a perennial odd little guy favorite, but Poplin is here to offer a strong challenge as the king’s most lovable subjects. Maybe we’re biased because every Poplin we come across is extremely helpful, running shops or opening secret passages, but it’s hard to argue that that’s appropriate. Long pants, a hooded shawl, a mysterious hat that’s part flower, part … skull? Eyes that are … black? Just the right color of awesomeness to keep us captivated by this little guy.

3. Maw Maw

maw maw super mario bros wonder

Who’s hungry?
PICTURE: Nintendo

The water is still deep. Don’t let the wide eyes, blank stare, and dullard tongue fool you. Maw Maw is a ferocious predator and one of Mario’s deadliest new enemies. This salamander-esque smol bean has a voracious appetite and a mouth to match. He will eat enemies, power-ups, coins, you name it. He can even eat a Goomba-ized Mario whole! But look at that sweet face, how can you stay mad at this hungry boi? It’s not his fault that he has a high metabolism.

4. Mothers

mumsies super mario bros wonder

Grab it and rip!
PICTURE: Nintendo

Mumsies are the most Halloween-y of Amazing Super Mario Bros amazing little guys. A throwback to Tinseltown-era mummies, Mumsies make up for their diminutive stature with an absurdly long wrap job. Why are they wrapped so high? No one knows, but it makes it more fun to interpret them so we’re all for it.

5. Rolla Koopas

rolla koopa super mario bros wonder

PICTURE: Nintendo

Rolla Koopas may have the most of any of the awesome little guys Amazing Super Mario Bros. Their magenta shells and matching skates provide sweet, sweet Kenergy. Their form is flawless. And they actually look like they’d rather be skating than aiding a violent coup in the Flower Kingdom. Who has time to move Bowser to a castle when there are sick ramps everywhere? In fact the only piece missing here is a Walkman player ABBA Gold on the cassette.

6. Scheduler

skedaddler super mario bros wonder

That worried frown is now iconic.
PICTURE: Nintendo

Skedaddlers feel like a curse from Greek mythology. Possessing incredible size and speed for a creature in the Flower Kingdom, Skedaddlers are nevertheless consumed by fear. They never look forward, only backward, fascinated by their own fleeting mortality. This existential panic gives way to a disarming vulnerability, those big puppy dog ​​eyes and chubby cheeks that make us want to swoop in and save them. Maybe put them in a little shoebox with a piece of lettuce to eat until they get too big, then a tearful goodbye at the local park when dad gets home from work.

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