Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man 2024 brings back Peter/MJ’s wedding

Marvel’s latest take on this Last line of comics acting as a major reboot rather than a continuation of 1610 the universe that died ,and lived again) after secret war, This means there are a certain number of chances to reset Ultimate Heroes… more In the case of Peter ParkerGive him a chance for something that his 616-self has often taken away from him.

Last night Marvel Comics revealed that Peter Parker fans will meet the former X Men architect jonathan hickman ultimate Spider Man The following year’s series, with artist Marco Checchetto, features a hero who came into his powers at an older age – and in a very different life situation from the young naive teen we often see in Spidey origin stories. Mr. Parker is not only older and wiser, but he is also a husband and father and is happily married to Mary-Jane Watson.

Hickman said in a statement, “When we decided we were going to write a book about an aging Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man, we really wanted to start his superhero life in a far different place than traditionally expected. Wanted.” To, “Peter and MJ’s wedding is one of many decisions we’ve made that highlight that this is quite a ‘different’ kind of Spider-Man story.”

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No further details about Peter’s family – two currently unidentified children, a boy and a girl – have yet been made clear, other than an invitation to “Meet the Parkers” when ultimate Spider Man Will relaunch in January 2024. But this news comes at a time when fans continue the amazing Spider Man They are more dissatisfied than in previous years (which is saying something, being generally a consistent reader). the amazing Spider Man This mainly involves being upset over things that happen. the amazing Spider Man)—especially when it comes to Relationship between Peter and MJ,

after being infamous “Another Day” Story Peter and Mary-Jane’s marriage was wiped out of continuity in 2007, with the two now having a long-running relationship for several years – outside of the 2016 multiversal miniseries. renew your vows It apparently took place outside the mainline continuity, and saw a married Peter and MJ raise their daughter Annie as a family of superheroes. back in 2018 With writer Nick Spencer at the helm, things looked like they were headed towards Peter and MJ reuniting for the first time since “One More Day”, a possibility that had been hinted at in recent days. Well and truly the current era is over. WonderfulWhich broke Peter and MJ up again… let’s just explain the reason, anyhow, the amazing Spider Man Fans: Usually unhappy about something or the other most of the time!

Push it to give at least a turn Spider Man The series is a continuation where fans get what they are asking for which is actually being completed. Time will tell how long this lasts: Do fans support ultimate Spider Man When will it return next year, or will some of that classic Parker luck come in another universe of Peter and MJ’s happily ever after.

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