Matthew Perry’s lowest rated performance was in 17 Again

Loss of actor Matthew Perry This was a shocking shock to every one of us. Perry is one of those actors who can, at any moment, magically become a part of our lives, especially when we get to watch his reruns. mega-hit show Friend, Throughout her career, Perry used that fame to do all kinds of good things and everyone has their own memories of her work. Our favorite, in fact, was his final film to date: a mostly forgotten comic fantasy that was released 2009 called 17 again.

At first, me7 again, Perry is Mike O’Donnell, a 37-year-old unhappy man with a wife, two kids, and all the regrets in the world. However, he gets a chance to change this when he is transformed (by a mysterious janitor) into his 17-year-old self (now played by Zac Efron). Young Mike first tries to fix the mistakes in his life, eventually realizing he’s got everything he needs. It’s a little cheesy, even more predictable, and not particularly groundbreaking, as it’s a mix of ideas we’ve seen in better films such as Big, back to the future, And Mrs. Doubtfire.

And yet, the film is highly entertaining. The supporting cast, which includes Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon, and Melora Hardin, adds some strong comedic elements. Efron’s performance is suitably charismatic and the scenes where the younger version of Mike has to interact with his children (who are now the same age as him) and wife (who are now improbably grown up) add welcome awkwardness. Adds appropriate notes. These are all great, but each of them is bolstered by Perry’s turn, which makes the film soar despite being mostly bookends.

This magic comes from a school janitor played by Brian Doyle Murray.  As you would expect.

This magic comes from a school janitor played by Brian Doyle Murray. As you would expect.
image, Warner Bros.

The relatability and vulnerability that Perry brings to Mike really elevates 17 again, Now, to be fair, he’s not that into it. This movie is more of an Efron vehicle than anything because he plays Mike for the majority of the movie, and this was 2009 so Hollywood imagined a movie with Zac Efron. playing basketball in high school It was a sure thing. But Perry’s scenes at the beginning and especially the end of the film are simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting. We can see and feel his love, his regret, and ultimately his acceptance. He’s undeniably flawed, but also utterly lovable, a throughline that gives the comedy fantasy a vital foundation.

Plus, there’s additional wisdom to be gained by thinking about the film nearly 15 years after its release 17 again It was created during an era when Perry was struggling with severe addiction. You can’t help but think that perhaps he might have used that pain, that fear, that regret to bring Mike to life. Even though it was mostly a silly comedy starring a teenage lover.

So if you’re looking for something to watch to celebrate Perry’s life, maybe laugh, or maybe cry, we strongly endorse this 17 again, Come for Perry’s strong, steady performance. Stay tuned for silly, creepy, high school antics.

17 again There’s no free streaming anywhere right now, but you can rent or buy it most places like amazon And Apple,

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