Media Molecule is the latest PlayStation studio to be hit with layoffs

Things seem bleaker by the day for the games industry, as it is now based in the UK Media Molecules also hit with layoffs.

As reported by GLHF, sources say about 20 jobs have been cut at Media Molecule. The studio currently sits at around 135 staff members, but the upcoming cuts will bring it to 115. The cuts cover about 15% of the total workforce, but it is not clear which departments are affected, or why the deletions occurred. . Staff were apparently informed of the layoffs during an internal meeting today, October 24, although those who will lose their jobs have not yet been notified.

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Media Molecule is best known for creating the Little Big Planet games, for which it made the first two games in the series. The games now iconic Sackboy has become a pseudo mascot for the PS3 era of games, and even got a spinoff platformer from Sumo Digital in 2020. Following the ethos established by Little Big Planet, the Media Molecule continues to create Dreams, a The title is not a game but more of a whole game engine, which hides some excellent games itself.

Last year, Media Molecule announced that it was working on a new game, although it also came with the news that support for Dreams will end on September 1, 2023. You can still play Dreams luckily , there are no new content updates. While Dreams received generally positive reviews, it didn’t seem to take off the way Little Big Planet did, so it’s unclear if that was the reason for the deletions.

Media Molecule isn’t the only PlayStation-owned studio hit with layoffs, though; Naughty Dog cut at least 25 contractors earlier this month, and The Last of Us Part 1 assist studio Visual Arts appeared to be affected by the layoffs last week.

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