Meta brings standalone text-to-image generation tools to the web; AI enhancements on Instagram, Facebook

Meta on Wednesday unveiled several new enhancements to its AI experiences on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. The company’s virtual assistant, Meta AI, which was launched in September, will now provide more detailed and accurate answers to questions. Facebook is also expanding its text-to-image generation tool, Imagine, as a standalone AI experience on the web outside of parent chat.

in its newsroom Post Announcing the new AI update, Meta detailed a standalone Imagine tool for image creation. Initially embedded only within Meta’s messaging platform, Imagine can now be accessed web free, “Today, we’re expanding access to Imagine beyond chat, making it available in the US at,” Meta said in the blog. The image generation tool runs on the company’s Image Foundation model, Emu. The tool will initially be available in the US.

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Imagine with Meta is free to use on the web
Photo Credit: Meta

Meta is also bringing new updates and capabilities to core AI experiences on its platform. The company claims that the Meta AI virtual assistant is now more helpful, producing more detailed responses and more accurate summaries of search results on mobile. “We’ve also made it so you’re more likely to get a helpful response to broad requests,” the blog says. Meta AI interactions can be triggered by starting a new message and selecting “Create an AI Chat” on Meta’s messaging platform, or by typing “@MetaAI” in a group chat followed by a query.

In addition to chat, Meta AI’s larger language model will bring new experiences to Facebook and Instagram such as AI-generated post comment suggestion options, community chat topic suggestions in groups, and more.

Imagine with Meta, the text-to-image generation tool, is also getting a new ‘Reimagine’ feature on Messenger and Instagram that lets your friends riff on a Meta AI-generated image you share in Messages. And allows the creation of completely new images. Additionally, the company is also introducing Instagram Reels in Meta AI Chat, in which the AI ​​assistant will recommend and share Reels for relevant video requests. AI-powered improvements are coming to Facebook too. Meta is working on AI features that will generate birthday wishes, edit feed posts, write a dating profile, or set up a new group.

Meta will also introduce invisible watermarking in its new Imagine with AI image generation tool in the coming weeks to promote AI transparency and curb misleading AI-generated content. “Invisible watermarks are implemented with deep learning models. Although it is invisible to the human eye, invisible watermarks can be detected with related models,” the blog said. The watermark will withstand image manipulation such as cropping, editing or screenshotting.

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