Meta will reportedly launch Threads in the EU next month

Since its launch in July, Meta’s text-based social network Threads has gained a lot of features, but one major missing piece of the puzzle is the app’s availability in the EU. The company, however, may launch the platform in the EU next month, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The report says that in order to comply with EU regulations, Meta may offer a view-only mode of its app to users in the region for consumption. This means that users do not need to create a profile to see posts. But they should make one for posting.

In addition, earlier this month, the company rolled is a way for you to delete your Threads profile without deleting your Instagram profile.

It will be interesting to see how Meta creates an algorithmic feed for a user without any profile. Moreover, it is not clear whether they can follow other profiles.

Meta did not immediately comment on the story.

While Threads doesn’t have any ads yet, if we look at the iOS app’s privacy labels, it seems to collect a ton of data and it uses Instagram as a login mechanism. Under EU regulations such as the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, major platforms must collect clear consent from users to collect data for personalized ads.

Meta now offers a paid subscription to EU-based users of Facebook and Instagram to allow them to use these services without any ads.

In July, days after the launch of Threads, Meta had to take “additional” steps to prevent EU-based users from using a VPN to access the social network.

During Meta’s Q3 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg said that Threads has less than 100 million monthly active users. The CEO of the social network added that he believes the platform has a “good chance” of reaching one billion users in a few years. And an EU launch could give Threads a much-needed boost in users and engagement.

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