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Make your own low-level Metal game engine!

Metal is a unified application programming interface (API) for the graphics processing unit, or GPU. It is integrated because it can be used in 3D graphics and data-parallel computation paradigms. Metal is a low-level API because it gives programmers almost direct access to the GPU. Finally, Metal is a low-overhead API because it minimizes central processing unit (CPU) costs by multi-threading and pre-compiling resources.

But beyond the technical definition, Metal is the most precise way to use the parallel processing power of the GPU to visualize data or solve numerical challenges. It is also adapted to be used for machine learning, image/video processing or, as described in this book, graphics rendering.

This book will introduce you to low-level graphics programming in Metal — Apple’s framework for programming the graphics processing unit (GPU). As you progress through this book, you will learn many of the basics that go into building a game engine and gradually put your own engine together. Once your game engine is complete, you can place 3D scenes and program your own simple 3D games. Since you’ve built your 3D game engine from scratch, you can customize every aspect of what you see on your screen.

This book is for intermediate Swift developers interested in learning 3D graphics or gaining a deeper understanding of how game engines work.

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