Metal Gear Solid 3 Gets Unreal Glow-Up In New Remake Trailer

The naked snake crouches next to the brick wall.

Screenshots: Konami / Kotaku

When the Metal Gear Solid 3 make again revealed in May, all we got were some shots of the swamp and a Naked Snake coming out of the water. A new trailer that debuted today during the latest Xbox mini-showcase finally gave us a glimpse of the game in action, if briefly. And you know what? It looks really nice.

The remake will take the 2004 PlayStation 2 game and overhaul it in Unreal Engine 5. While that may run the risk of drastically changing the style and feel of the original Fox Engine version of the action game secretly, Snake’s environmental sneaking and silent takedowns look like behavior Metal Gear as before, and the graphics look better.

Here’s the new trailer:

The “first in-engine look” begins with Naked Snake wading through a muddy river next to a crocodile. Later we saw him crouching near the tall grass as the mud came off his clothes and boots. From there we see him pointing a pistol, climbing a cliff, taking a guy from behind, and lots and lots of wildlife sightings. As some fans have noted, the new footage appears to confirm that Snake can finally move while crouching, unlike in the original game.

The first reveal trailer had the potential to be mostly smoke and mirrors, but now this whole project is looking much better and Granted. We still don’t have a firm release date, or a clear idea of ​​who at Konami is working on it. Singapore-based art development and outsourcing studio Virtuos is assisting with the production. Konami also confirmed that the remake will use the original voice performances, but that original director Hideo Kojima and original artist Yoji Shinkawa are not involved in any way.

The company says they want to start the remake Metal Gear Solid 3 because this is the origin story for Big Boss. If all goes well, it could mean we’ll eventually get Unreal Engine remakes Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 as well. All three games can be played in the new Metal Gear Solid: Master Collectioneven the remaster anthology leaves much to be desired.

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