‘Monster Hunter Now’ Halloween Event Starts Today, Featuring New Gear and Special Quests – TouchArcade

Look, usually anything related to Monster Hunter Now (Free) fall under the jurisdiction of our friend Mikhail. Man likes to hunt monsters, no matter where he is. That’s why they kicked him out of Jurassic Park that one time. But he’s a little down for the season, so it takes solid back-up goaltender Shaun to fill in for you. Monster Hunter Now Halloween 2023 event starting today. Details! I need the details!

Buddy, I’m here Obtained details. I have too many details to confuse you. Okay, I am exaggerating this too much. It’s a normal Halloween event, but it’s extra special because it’s a first for Monster Hunter Now. So what can you expect? First, the basics. There are some Halloween-like decorations scattered around the field in the form of Jack O’Lanterns. It will put you in dire straits, for sure. Along with this comes the Halloween Pumpkin Hunt Quests, special tasks that involve collecting special items or defeating certain large monsters. Clear those and you’ll earn Pumpkin Tickets that you can use to forge and upgrade cool new Jack-O’-Head equipment.

That equipment, when worn, gives you the Solidarity skill. This gives you more power over your fellow hunters with the skill activated. Put together a whole bunch of Peter Pumpkinheads and you’ll love the result. Even better, during the Halloween Pumpkin Hunt event, the effect increases five times. Think of all the wacky monster killings you could have activated!

Don’t worry, there’s more to this party than just fitting. From the 28th, you will see many Kulu-Ya-Ku holding a pumpkin-like stone when you are outside. Kill them and you’ll get more Pumpkin Tickets! Totally bonkers economy. I like it. Use that to make your Jack-O’-Head stronger. There are also a couple of special Halloween packages that you can blow your real money on at the store if you want, but I’ll leave that between you and your wallet.

You must have reached HR11 or higher to participate in this event, but I imagine it won’t take long. Mikhail might beat me with the wrong stick later if I’m wrong about that. Just make sure you finish whatever you want to do before Halloween ends on October 31st, because after that… pumpkins turn into wagons or something. I don’t know. That is the end date of the event. Go play.

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