Mortal Kombat 1 Patch Notes Showcase Some Welcome Changes

NetherRealm Studios has released another update for its fighting game Mortal Kombat 1. Although the official patch notes are not yet available, some of its player base have already discovered what this update entails.

Thanks for the series of tweets by user @Mitsuownes (through IGN), we already know some changes made in the 0.134 update. For example, players can re-tag moves, making it easier to learn specific inputs, and they won’t have to worry about people spamming Cyrax’s horizontal copter chopper. because it costs a full bar if it is used now.

Cyrax isn’t the only character nerfed, as Sub-Zero’s EX Ice Clone no longer freezes enemies in place. Instead, it will deal damage and knock them to the ground. Other than that, Raiden’s 2,2,4 aerial combo no longer has a follow-up attack once opponents bounce off the floor.

The 0.134 update also introduces some quality of life changes. Online players will be muted by default. Pings will reappear in matches, a new Forever King of The Hill mode has been introduced, and the Cage mansion now has a Halloween theme.

Below, you’ll find some of the 0.134 patch notes, which can be found in the game under the Notifications tab:

  • Halloween Fatality has been added to the Premium Store.
  • Movements can now be pinned to the HUD.
  • In-game Ping / Connection Indicator can be enabled in Online Options.
  • Added ability to mute Voice Chat and Microphone via Main Menu under Audio Settings and Pause Menu Settings in an online match.
  • Fixed case where the yellow notification for New items was not clear.
  • General Gameplay Bug Fixes.

For more Mortal Kombat 1 news, check out the official Omni-Man gameplay trailer, which features some brutal deaths.

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