Musk says you can’t make money by posting misinformation on X

X creators whose posts were Modifications or improvements to community notes Owner Elon Musk said Sunday that he is no longer eligible to receive advertising revenue share. Community Notes is a fact-checking program onFormerly known as Twitter, Allows users to provide additional context or correct inaccurate information below posts.

“The idea is to maximize incentives for accuracy over sensationalism,” Musk said in one. Post On X. While anyone can contribute to community notes, Musk warned users not to falsely claim that a creator’s post is false.

He wrote in follow up Post It is “worth noting that any attempts to weaponize community notes to monetize people will be immediately apparent as all code and data is open source.”

Musk introduced X’s advertising revenue-sharing program Earlier this year, creators with an X Premium account or a verified organization were provided revenue from ads in response to their posts. The program was only available to users with at least 500 followers and a minimum of five million organic impressions.

The program paid as described but they Most of the people receiving pay checks were right-wing influential people, Washington Post Reported in July. Andrew Tate, who was charged with rape and human trafficking and was released from prison in April, posted a screenshot The X showed that he received more than $20,000 from the company.

Far-right influencer Rogan O’Handley also posted a screenshot It shows that they made over $7,000 in advertising revenue. “From being banned by Twitter 1.0 for almost 2 years to now getting paid to post, thanks @ElonMusk, it’s a nice change,” O’Handley wrote.

Former ex-CEO, Jack Dorsey, Launched Community Notes, formerly known as bird Watch, X in 2021, again on Twitter to debunk misinformation. Under Musk’s ownership, X has become One of the leading social media platforms for misinformation and disinformation,

The policies of X’s new ad revenue share program come as the platform has received criticism for not taking steps to stem the influx in recent weeks. Misinformation about Israel-Hamas war, In fact, it appears Musk is promoting some accounts posting misinformation report Published by the Center for an Informed Public of the University of Washington. The report claims that the most popular posts about the war are “faster, more disorienting, and likely more shaped by Musk himself.”

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