New PS5 Slim Requires Internet Connection To Setup Disc Drive

Sony’s future is smaller The PlayStation 5 will make the disc drive swappable, allowing owners to remove or connect them as they wish. However, a new leak of the upcoming slim redesign points to an internet connection required for the initial setup of the Blu-Ray player, fueling fears that it will one day become a obsolete solution for playing old PS5 discs.

The surprise requirement was discovered by a new leak of the PS5 slim’s box as retailers began to stock the console for its launch in November. Shared by Call of Duty news account CharlieIntel, images are displayed a disclaimer on the box reads, “Internet connection required to pair Disc Drive and PS5 console for setup.”

As the requirement began to circulate online, it hit some unusual and offensive. “Uhhhh…if this is the case, that would be very worrying and very strange,” Tweet Digital Foundry’s John Linneman. “Hardware compatibility should not be determined by a server that is not always available.”

It is not immediately clear if the internet connection requirement will be a one-time thing that is only required the first time the console and disc drive are paired, or if it will be required every time the drive is removed and re-attached. One concern is that the requirement could make new PS5s unable to read discs at some point in the future, when the servers Sony uses for pairing are eventually taken offline. If so, it will be different great blow to the preservation of the video game as the medium goes all-digital.

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It’s possible that the requirement is just the company complying with an outdated bit of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that was intended to prevent piracy. as taught by Lost in the Cult CEO Jon Doyle and others, Section 1201 of the law makes it illegal to “prevent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a copyrighted work.”

That includes the optical drive firmware, and it has long been a thorn in the side of repair rights developers. as Wired reported back in 2020, the language has led to many old consoles ending up in landfills instead of being resold or given away again. Section 1201 was reviewed by the US Copyright office in 2021, but it ended up deciding against making an exemption.

According to Billbil-kun by Dealabsthe slimmer PS5 will be officially released on November 8. While the standard model with a disc drive will be $500, the all-digital will cost $450 with the stand-alone disc drive priced at $80. Sony has confirmed that once all current launch stock of the PS5 console is sold out, only the slim models will be available.

Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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