No, there are no fists in the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie

The internet is filled with disbelief because of a viral fight with a look at Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. However, barely a day after the London brawl went viral on the world wide web, one of the would-be brawlers has revealed their own perspective. So no, there is no full-on battle during the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. Sorry.

This revelation came via TikTok, where user sleepzyy1x breaks down what really happened. Initially expressing his shock at the news coverage of the event as well as another TikTok user “yaping” about the event, the video ends with an up close and personal recording of the ‘fight’. It happened, it was just a bunch of young people messing around – throwing soft dummy punches and kicks and clearly making fun of it.

He was right to be shocked! As of writing, the original tweet showing the fake fight from the back of the cinema has 54K likes and 5.1 million views. Social media channels from entertainment outlets such as A Take News and Movie Discussion managed to bring more attention by resharing the video, which got 166,000 and 25.6 million views respectively. All in a fake fight between some friends “taking the piss”, according to sleepzyy1x.

“We did it at the end of the movie for a joke. For fun! I don’t know why he (referring to another TikTok user who later covered the viral clip) was so stressed about something which has nothing to do with him.” In the original Twitter clip’s credit poster, they shared an explanatory TikTok on their feed to set the record straight, but as many of you know that can’t be many people who see the viral clip will learn the truth.

So, is there a lesson to be learned here? The young ones up front aren’t doing anything wrong – messing around during the credits isn’t a big deal especially since excited FNAF fans filled with terror are running out of the room. This is – if anything – a reminder to think twice before trusting everything you see online! Just because you think it’s funny when Five Nights at Freddy’s causes some guys to start throwing elbows at each other doesn’t mean it’s actually happening. Although it admittedly looks pretty legit from the angle of the original recording!

I personally hope this starts a trend of people staging fake fights during the credits. The post-credits secret scene is over dude. I want to see a group of friends walk into The Creator with pre-planned choreography ready. Make it real, internet.

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