OutCats Steal 100 Million Worth Of Cat Food But PONOS Agrees To Compromise

In a statement published on its social media channels, PONOS Corporation disclosed the terms of the deal made at the end of extensive ransom negotiations, describing the concessions of both sides.

The entente came about after The OutCats stole 100 million cans of Cat Food from the PONOS Corporation warehouse and hacked the studio’s social media channels, where they published a ransom video.

While the criminals chose to hide their identities in the ransom broadcast, they revealed themselves as three failed applicants for the first round of The Battle Cats recruitment in 2014.

The criminals threaten to give 999 cans of Cat Food to every player until the PONOS Corporation fulfills their one request: to finally be allowed to join The Battle Cats.

In its statement on November 24, PONOS Corporation revealed the identities of The OutCats as Trash Cat, Sick Cat, and Stealth Cat.

While the studio was willing to forgive the loss of 100 million cans of Cat Food and the hacking of its social media accounts, it was forced to draw the line at allowing all three to refuse to participate. in The Battle Cats.

As a result, only one of the three Cats will be recruited, following a public voting process between now and December 3.

In a further concession to The OutCats, PONOS Corporation released old audition tapes from the three candidates on its YouTube channel.

Check them out now:

Meanwhile, the OutCats agree to give the remaining Cat Food to the game players. Nine voters will be selected at random to receive a life-changing amount of 9,999 cans.

To vote, open The Battle Cats and buy a Rare Cat Ticket that supports one of the three OutCats. You can also download The Battle Cats at iOS and Android.

The winning Cat will appear in the game from next spring, if all goes according to plan. Here is the official PONOS statement on this too.

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