Payday 3 Devs Reclaim Missing Major Update

A Payday 3 hester uses a civilian as a shield.

PICTURE: Starbreeze Studios

Payday 3 The devs are expanding their apology tour that started back in September, when Starbreeze Studios CEO needs to apologize for the state where the co-op heist game is launched. The ever online bank robbery simulator suffers from major server and matchmaking issues which was fixed a little over a week after the launch, but the game still needs another major patch to fix some of its remaining major issues (especially the quality of life stuff). The team has now apologized for going radio silent without the said update.

An October 25 official post Payday website tried to “lift the curtains a little” and let players know why the major patch, which was originally promised to arrive in early October and bring it more than 200 improvements, is not here yet. “We have been quiet for the past few days, and for that we apologize,” it read. “It’s not easy to communicate when we haven’t been able to offer any updates on a big topic that’s on everyone’s mind right now: When are the patches coming Payday 3?”

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The post promises that the team is still working on the upcoming patch, before getting to the real cause of the delay: Starbreeze Studios’ update pipeline.

The reason it took so long to get this first patch out was so long and complicated, but the short version is that we found critical bugs in our update pipeline shortly after the game’s release. There is a significant risk of wiping out player development if we don’t address this and ensure a stable testing environment.

The issue is so prominent that the team does not “regularly deliver patches” to the current state of the game, which means that new content will have to wait, as well as the blog promises that there will be “free updates to inside for the game then. end of the year.”

However Payday 3 Boasting an impressive 90,000 concurrent players on Steam shortly after its launch on September 18, players were quickly inundated with the now-infamous double “production error” screen. Since the game requires players to have an internet connection even if they are playing solo, server issues make it unplayable for many.

as Kotaku reported on September 25, the cause of the matchmaking issues was two-fold: “a technical issue made things go wrong out of the gate” but “a faulty update on September 24 of a third online service partner party has broken things again.” It is unclear what caused the current error Payday 3The pipeline update.

Kotaku reached out to Starbreeze for comment.

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