Piece the Story together by Solving the Puzzles the Ultimate Tide Game

The game, with various puzzles that unlock the narrative, is set in the titular small coastal village.

Players will meet a scuba diver whose life is intertwined with the mysteries of the deep. The story leads through challenges, discoveries, separations, and hope to meet again. Each level provides new revelations that create a complex picture.

The unique puzzles are the star of the show. There are two unique types. In rotating cell puzzles, you move different cells to complete detailed parts. That will challenge spatial intelligence and logic.

With dot connection puzzles, you link them to create paths while testing your strategic thinking.

All levels are beautifully designed and controls are set for mobile play. Add a great soundtrack, and the game is a relaxing way to enjoy a great story.

For iPhone and all iPad models, Tide’s End is $2.99 ​​download in the App Store now.

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