Players Reap Rewards for OutCats Steal 100 Million Cans of Cat Food and PONOS Social Media Hack

In the statement, published on November 19, PONOS revealed that a criminal group describing itself as The OutCats contacted the studio after illegally taking Cat Food from one of the company’s warehouses.

On the other hand, the criminals used the PONOS social media accounts to publish a ransom video, explaining that The OutCats were denied by The Battle Cats almost a decade ago.

In response to this rejection, the OutCats promised to give away 999 cans of stolen Cat Food to every player who logs into The Battle Cats in the coming weeks.

The full ransom video is below.

One of the most beloved tower defense titles on mobile, Battle Cats was a critical and commercial blast. Since its mobile launch (on Android and iOS) in 2014 the game has racked up an impressive 85 million downloads – a feat that must have pissed off the angry OutCats.

Unlike most tower defense games, which rely on traditional military, science-fiction, or fantasy tropes, The Battle Cats tasks players with the daunting task of sending cats into battle with no could be a diverse array of bestial rivals.

Throughout the game, players gain access to additional cats with new abilities, expanding their tactical options.

Freeing these cats from their Capsules costs Cat Food, and players are sure to relish the opportunity to increase the strength of their feline armies with illicit donations made by The OutCats.

But PONOS’s Kyoto headquarters have little cause for rejoicing.

Read the company’s statement in full below.

19 November 2023 – 3:00PM PST

BREAKING: PONOS announces theft of 100 million Cat Food cans

PONOS Corporation launched today an independent security review after it was discovered that 100 million cans of Cat Food were lost in the warehouse of The Battle Cats.

A PONOS representative was contacted this morning by an alleged criminal organization that claimed responsibility. Further investigation revealed that over 100 million Cat Food cans were actually stolen by the syndicate, whose demands are still unknown.

This matter is currently under investigation, but we will provide more information in the coming days as more details come to light.

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Instagram: @battlecatsofficial
Facebook: The Battle Cats

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