PTC Retail launches Flex Insights for better retail planning and product development

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India’s PTC Retail has unveiled Flex Insights, a low-code platform aimed at helping brands and retailers harness the potential of their data to improve decision-making in product planning and development. PTC Retail, which serves a variety of clients including textile corporations, conglomerates, PSUs, and commercial industries with contract demand of 1 MW and above, has tailored this launch to meet specific needs. to its wide customer base.

Flex Insights extends PTC’s robust retail product lifecycle management platform, FlexPLM, offering a variety of user-friendly, visually intuitive apps. These apps include critical path management, tracking compliance, visual line planning, and sustainability analytics. Personalization features enhance the user experience, providing instant access to real-time data, visualizations, and actionable insights.

Bill Brewster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of PTC’s Retail Business Unit, recognizes the challenge of managing large amounts of data in the fashion industry. He emphasized that Flex Insights, with the capacity to analyze multiple data sets, empowers companies to make faster, more accurate, and efficient product development decisions. This allows the discovery of correlations and patterns that were previously elusive.

PTC’s easily deployable apps are designed to meet specific business needs and challenges, offering features such as:

  • Critical Path Management: This app provides product teams and senior management with real-time visibility into the progress of each product and the entire timeline. This helps them act quickly to meet market deadlines.
  • Compliance Tracking: Product groups can define maintenance and social compliance documents required for specific products and manage data on those documents for reporting purposes.
  • Sustainability: This app facilitates seamless integration between FlexPLM and leading sustainability solutions such as Worldly (formerly Higg) and Made2Flow. Users gain access to scorecards for products, materials, and suppliers, supporting proactive corporate sustainability goals.
  • Visual Line Planning: Streamlining seasonal line reviews, this app simplifies setup, collaboration with remote team members, note taking, and plan updates.

PTC partners with more than 1,500 apparel, fashion, and retail brands, serving a global user base of more than 300,000 individuals. More than 75,000 of these users are integrated into the global supply chain, highlighting the platform’s reach and influence in the industry.

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