Retro console maker Polymega reckons it will ship all remaining pre-orders this year, if you’re feeling lucky.

If you want a high-end retro gaming solution and have been slightly delayed by stock issues, a major supplier may finally be able to solve it… maybe.

Playmaji, the company behind Polymega, expects to ship all remaining pre-orders this year, according to a statement provided by VG247 buds on Addition of Time.

This is interesting to hear, although we advise caution with your optimism. Despite friends having their units back when I ordered, I’m currently sitting on a Polymega order placed in September of 2021 – which has yet to ship.

Incredibly, this order is for a ‘Deluxe’ package that includes all add-ons at the time of ordering – and in the meantime, despite not being able to ship, Playmaji is adding more modules and add-ons of the Polymega family, making it the definitive deluxe package is no longer so. Polymega has faced several customer complaints from the same situation, but this statement suggests that the company may finally be on top of things.

Great little kit.

If you’re not familiar with Polymega, it’s a cool concept indeed: a base unit that plays CD-based games from 15 classic consoles including the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and Neo Geo CD. It can be supplemented with add-on modules for cartridge-based machines including the NES, SNES, and Mega Drive. With enough add-ons, Polymega can be an all-in-one solution, although an expensive one – the base system with four initial modules is over $700.

Supply constraints are a general problem in the retro console world. Polymega’s rival Analogue, which focuses on single-format re-releases using FPGA technology instead of software sequencing, is often out of stock, also inviting fan complaints. But Analogue only opens orders for the units they have, then ships immediately – so different methods of handling the same problem.

If Polymega actually manages to ship its pre-orders, it could be one of the most readily available high-end retro gaming products available until 2024. !

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