Samsung explains how Galaxy Watch universal gestures work

samsung galaxy watch

Samsung has released an article explaining how its Galaxy Watch universal gestures work on a range of Galaxy Watch devices, a feature you can activate on your Galaxy Watch smartwatch.

You can see some instructions below on how you can activate this feature on your Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch and also details on how you can use some of these features on your device.

First, go to Settings on your Galaxy Watch to find the Accessibility menu. Scroll down to find Universal Gestures in the Interaction and Dexterity section. Then, toggle on the Universal Gestures option and learn more about the full potential of this feature with the gesture tutorial.

Once the Universal Gestures feature is enabled, make a fist twice to seamlessly switch from the regular touch-based navigation method.2 Your Galaxy Watch will indicate this with a customizable colored outline, allowing you to use this intuitive mode for a tailored and accessible experience.

Within Universal Gestures, the Make Fist gesture simplifies the process of selecting and opening items on the Galaxy Watch.

The Make Fist Twice gesture reveals the Action Menu, a series of convenient options accessible directly from your wrist. Imagine this menu as a toolbox filled with essential tools, such as opening the Apps menu, going to the previous screen, and displaying recent apps, easily available whenever you need them. The action menu is also dynamic, adjusting its content based on whatever screen is currently open when the user activates the action menu. When you’re ready to select the object, simply make a fist.

You can find out more information about the range of different Universal Gestures available on your Samsung Galaxy Watch from Samsung at the link below.


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