Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra can actually do more than just zoom from far away

गैलेक्सी S23 अल्ट्रा की एक तस्वीर

The back of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.
picture, Florence Ion/Gizmodo

Yes, we are already talking about its successor Galaxy S23 UltraOr what will be the next big flagship smartphone from Samsung in the coming year.

Samsung is possibly bringing its ISOCELL zoom Anyplace technology to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. company announced The new camera feature has been detailed in an official press release, although its technology has been discussed in various places since last year. Samsung hasn’t explicitly said this sensor is coming to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but we can safely assume the technology will make its way there.

Specifically, ISOCELL Zoom Anywhere is a camera feature. This is part of the 200-MP image sensor that has become a staple of the Ultra series over the past few generations. ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace essentially locks video and photo tracking to a moving subject while maintaining clarity in the surrounding scene. Samsung says the feature can “simultaneously capture the entire field of view and zoomed-in areas on video.” Both full-screen and zoomed-in views will be completely high-resolution.

ISOCELL Zoom Anywhere capability – a fancy name you’ve got there – is partly facilitated by the sensor’s tetra pixel capabilities, which has been the strong point of Samsung’s Ultra lineup for the past few generations. Despite Apple’s superior optical zoom iPhone 15 Pro Max and Google’s pixel 8 pro, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra remains on top of its capabilities with up to 10x zoom. But will it continue to carry the torch into the next era of smartphones?

den of rumors Doubts churning with accusations reports Dial-down camera capabilities in the next Ultra release. At this point, we can just wait and see.

Another feature as part of the new image sensor is end-to-end AI Remoji for image capture, which Samsung says will reduce latency on the final image touchup done in the backend. The company claims that it should produce photos with better details and colors. The richness expected here doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in contrast and saturation as both of these remain strong on Samsung’s camera algorithms.

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