Scott Pilgrim’s 20th anniversary is a beautiful ode to 2000s design

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, the original Scott Pilgrim The graphic novel series is getting a unique look again.

The 2000s seem to be coming back in full force, and Scott Pilgrim seems to be leading the charge. Last week, Oni Press announced the 20th anniversary edition of the Scott Pilgrim series, and what a beautiful set it is. Or sets, as I shall say, as if there were two of them; one of the originals black and white see, and another edition containing the color versions in graphic novels. While they are definitely on the pricey side ($200+? Yay!), you can’t help but appreciate how good they look.

The cases were designed by comic artist Patrick Crotty, and you can easily see the design influence of the PlayStation 2000 era – the Oni Press logo looks like a copy of the classic Sony typeface, and the text reads “SP 20” looks literal. like the PlayStation 2 logo. This is a great design time point to get, especially considering the PS2 is only 23 years old (yes, know how old all these things are definitely makes me feel like my younger years feel old).

This 20th anniversary set has some extras besides the hardback versions of each volume too, like a compilation of “The Making of Scott Pilgrim” extras and comics, a “top secret a selection of in-world items from the Scott Pilgrim universe,” and a collectible sticker sheet.

It feels like perfect timing too, as an anime adaptation of Scott Pilgrim is coming to Netflix next month, and it looks like a real treat too. With the official Scott Pilgrim game finally coming to life a few years ago, it’s easily the best time to be a fan of the series.

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