Spider-Man 2 Players Discover The Most Unreasonable Glitch

Right now Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 finally out in the wildplayers find all of them cool moments and comics Easter eggs. But one group encounters something even more unexpected: a glitch that turns Spider-Man into a small white lump of tofu.

It is not technically tofu per se, but that’s exactly what some players think. The strange bug sees a small cube that you can attach to early development prototyping that completely replaces the body of the titular superhero. Spider-Block as some call it (me, I call him) can still do all the amazing things a neighborhood web-crawler usually does, like web-slinging New York and ganging up on bad guys. in the sky. The strange glitch transforms the experience from cool comic book stuff to extra-surreal fever dream.

Social media is full of players who have encountered the cube glitch:

Despite the spread of the bug, no one is quite sure what causes it. The tofu slab only appears whenever the Peter Parker or Miles Morales suit model fails to load. Then it’s cube time. You can fix it by going back to the suit menu and buy another costume. It’s wise to do that quickly, as there have been reports of some cubed players dropping off the map after their unexpected changes. Maybe a portal to the blockverse is located there, but your best bet is to reload from the last checkpoint if that happens.

Fortunately, my 40-hour experience with Spider-Man 2 mostly bug free, although some players have reported game crashes or sometimes getting stuck in parts of the environment. A few players reported that it can’t play the disc version of the game at all, with installations stuck at 36 percent. Insomniac Games has not yet provided an official solution, although the issue does not seem to be widespread. Hopefully this will be resolved soon so players can experience the glory of Spider-Block as well.

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