OpenJS Foundation Targets Potential Attempt to Takeover JavaScript Project

Apr 16, 2024NewsroomSupply Chain / Software Security Security researchers have discovered a “plausible” takeover attempt targeting the OpenJS Foundation in a way that evokes similarities to a recently discovered incident targeting the open-source XZ Utils project. “The OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council has received a suspicious series of emails with similar messages, bearing different names … Read more

TA558 Hackers Weaponize Images for Wide-Scale Malware Attacks

Apr 16, 2024NewsroomTight Intelligence / Endpoint Security The threat actor is tracked as TA558 observed the use of steganography as an obfuscation technique to deliver a wide variety of malware such as Agent Tesla, FormBook, Remcos RAT, LokiBot, GuLoader, Snake Keylogger, and XWorm, among others. “The group made extensive use of steganography by sending VBS, … Read more

Widely Used PuTTY SSH Client Found Vulnerable to Key Recovery Attack

Apr 16, 2024NewsroomEncryption / Network Security The maintainers of PuTTY Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet client alerts users to a critical vulnerability affecting versions from 0.68 to 0.80 that can be exploited to achieve full recovery of NIST P-521 (ecdsa-sha2-nistp521) private keys. The flaw is assigned a CVE identifier CVE-2024-31497with the discovery credited to researchers … Read more

FTC Fines Mental Health Startup Cerebral $7 Million for Multiple Privacy Violations

Apr 16, 2024NewsroomBreach of Privacy / Regulatory Compliance The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ordered the mental telehealth company Cerebral to use or disclose personal data for advertising purposes. It was also fined more than $7 million in lawsuits that disclosed users’ sensitive personal health information and other data to third parties for advertising … Read more

Hive RAT Creators and $3.5M Cryptojacking Mastermind Arrested in Global Crackdown

Two individuals have been arrested in Australia and the US for an alleged scheme to develop and distribute a remote access trojan called Hive RAT (formerly Firebird). The US Justice Department (DoJ) SAYS the malware “gives malware buyers control over victim computers and enables them to access victims’ private communications, their login credentials, and other … Read more

Intel and Lenovo BMCs Contain Unpatched Lighttpd Server Flaw

Apr 15, 2024NewsroomFirmware Security / Vulnerabilities A security flaw affecting the Lighttpd web server used by baseboard management controllers (BMCs) remains unpatched by device vendors such as Intel and Lenovo, new findings from Binarly reveal. While the original deficiency is discovered and treated by Lighttpd maintainers back in August 2018 with version 1.4.51the lack of … Read more

The Role of Just-in-Time Privileged Access in Security Evolution

Apr 15, 2024The Hacker NewsActive Directory / Attack Surface To reduce the risk of privilege misuse, a market trend in privileged access management (PAM) solutions involves implementing just-in-time (JIT) privileged access. This method of privileged identity management aims to mitigate the risks associated with long-term high-level access by granting privileges temporarily and only when needed, … Read more

Chinese-Linked LightSpy iOS Spyware Targets South Asian iPhone Users

Apr 15, 2024NewsroomSpyware / Mobile Security Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a “revamped” cyber espionage campaign targeting users in South Asia with the aim of delivering an Apple iOS spyware implant called. LightSpy. “The latest iteration of LightSpy, called ‘F_Warehouse,’ has a modular framework with multiple surveillance features,” the BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence Team SAYS … Read more

Palo Alto Networks Releases Urgent Fixes for Exploited PAN-OS Vulnerabilities

Apr 15, 2024NewsroomFirewall Security / Vulnerability Palo Alto Networks has released hotfixes to address the most serious security flaw affecting PAN-OS software that is subject to active exploitation in the wild. Tracked as CVE-2024-3400 (CVSS score: 10.0), the critical vulnerability is a command injection case in the GlobalProtect feature that an untrusted attacker could weaponize … Read more

Ex-Security Engineer Jailed for 3 Years in $12.3 Million Crypto Exchange Thefts

Apr 13, 2024NewsroomCryptocurrency / Regulatory Compliance You are a former security engineer sentenced up to three years in prison in the US for charges related to the hacking of two decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges in July 2022 and the theft of more than $12.3 million. Shakeeb Ahmed, the accused in question, pleaded guilty on one count … Read more