The all-electric Lucid Gravity SUV finally made its debut with 440 miles of range

EV maker Lucid has taken the long-awaited wraps off the Gravity, an all-electric three-row SUV with a range that would hypothetically leave a Tesla Model X, Fisker Ocean or Rivian R1S stuck in a charging station .

The importance of Lucid Gravity – and more precisely the reception it has received – exists for the EV maker. The Lucid Air sedan, the company’s first EV, received positive reviews. However, demand has softened this year, forcing the automaker to cut prices and lower its production guidance for the year.

Gravity will help Lucid regain a foothold in the increasingly competitive EV industry. Of course, Lucid had to launch the car. Lucid delayed its sedan, and its SUV are no different in this regard. The company originally aimed to start production of the Gravity SUV in late 2023, but in August, it moved the production date to late 2024.

Fundamentals of Lucid Gravity


Image Credits: Lucid

Lucid wrote bombastically that the EV “heralds the dawn of a new era for electric SUVs.” There is an explanation for this tone; as the sale of Lucid’s first car (a luxury sedan called the Air) fail, its future now rides on whether Gravity can become a force in the EV market. It’s a new era for Lucid, though. And the all-electric SUV it’s designed for has some unique qualities, including a strong low-slung design with a sport tail from the back – all of which contribute to a drag coefficient of 0.24. That aerodynamic design is a contributing factor to its battery range. Lucid also claims the vehicle goes from zero to sixty in less than 3.5 seconds – approx. one more second than Tesla claims for its Model X Plaid.

Lucid Gravity has a compact powertrain with EV motors and a 900-volt electrical architecture and payload capacity in excess of 1,500 pounds and an additional 6,000 pounds of hauling capacity, the company claims. Lucid estimates that Gravity’s range will exceed 440 miles. Lucid boss Peter Rawlinson said in a statement that the planned range is possible “with a battery pack more than half the size of some of our battery-hungry competitors.” If it performs as well as Lucid suggests in real-world conditions, it will be the longest-lasting electric SUV on the market.

The vehicle can also apparently charge like a Tesla – gulping up to 200 miles of range after about 15 minutes on a fast charger. The seven-seat SUV the company says will have a starting price under $80,000. If history is any guide, there are plenty of add-ons and trim levels that will push the price well beyond that number.

Inside Lucid Gravity

Lucid-Gravity-SUV inside

Image Credits: Lucid

Moving inside the SUV, a 34-inch curved OLED screen floats above a redesigned steering wheel. The Lucid maximizes interior touches, as does the Air.

Of note, is the seven-passenger configuration and a console that slides open for more storage. Lucid said the sliding second row seats combine with integrated convenience tables for an “elevated back-seat experience.”

Those rear seats, both in the second and third rows, fold flat to provide more than 112 cubic feet of total usable cargo space, according to the company.

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