The Lords of the Undead World of the Fallen have a Fearsome Enemy

Lords of the Fallen is the very different from its 2014 counterpart, especially because the Soul-Soul RPG layers two different game worlds on top of each other. When you die, your soul leaves the living world of Axiom and sinks into the dead world of Umbral, and this is where I encountered the most terrifyingly powerful enemy in the game so far.

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Developed by Hexworks, a subsidiary of the studio that created the 2014 game, Lords of the Fallen puts you in the tombs of a Dark Crusader, a holy warrior tasked with stopping the evils that have invaded the lands. These tough soldiers are gifts an Umbral Lamp who can look at the realm of the dead at will, introducing new enemies to fight and places to traverse. It’s a really cool mechanic, because it allows you to do all kinds of cool shit: drag platforms to make bridges, rip enemy souls to beat them up, and plant things. which can be used called Vestige Seeds to build temporary Bonfires. Stay too long in the Umbral, though, and you’ll have to be found.

Lords Of The FallenThe ultimate predator, The Scarlet Shadow

You start in the Axiom world and fall into the Umbral domain every time you die. Think of it like Sekiro: Shadow Dies Twiceof Resurrection mechanic; You are given another shot to fight for your life and, if you find a resting place, return to the living world. However, you don’t have to put your soul back into your body if you don’t want to. You can roam the Umbral as much as you like. Sometimes, you better do it. Not only will you find new enemies to fight and places to skip, you’ll also find loot that’s only in the dead world. But navigating the Umbral realm isn’t so easy when someone’s following your ass.

When you’re in the Umbral, you start filling up the dread gauge on the right side of the screen under your strength (or Souls) counter. While it’s nice that Strength gains are increased while in the dead world, enemy aggressiveness and mob density also continue to increase the longer you stay. Enough to loiter in the Umbral and that dread gauge, indicated by the flashing white eyeball, will eventually turn red. This is the time when you should book it as soon as possible Vestige (or flame), as the Scarlet Shadow comes for you.

Umbral’s apex predator, the Scarlet Shadow is a red wielding grim reaper wielding two jagged, curved blades. It moves very fast, has a lot of health, hits hard, and sinks into the ground to attack from below. This cheap attack mechanic is only made worse by the fact that this enemy also prevents your items from healing. It’s a messy fight, one that will leave you scared and frustrated.

At least, that’s what happened to me. I roamed the realm of the dead, feeling like hot shit after the bodies of the first three main bosses with ease. So, I thought I’d check out Umbral to farm Vigor and level up before starting the next part of the journey. I ignored the dread gauge and, before I knew it, red splotches were scattered on the ground in front of me. Suddenly, the Scarlet Shadow was in my face, swinging its swords in a circular motion like Beyblade of death. i died I was afraid of its sudden appearance, and not so much of a fight, but I swore revenge. Once I got back to the nearest Vestige, I willingly dragged my soul into the Umbral and waited to meet the Scarlet Shadow in the parking lot. But when it appeared, I trembled with my sorrows. I tried going toe-to-toe with it, blocking this attack and parrying that attack, but its huge health pool and massive damage output was just too much. I died, over and over again. And now I’m convinced that no boss is nearly as terrifying as the Scarlet Shadow.

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Lords of the Fallen It has been generally well received by critics and fans since it launched on October 13 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Hexworks recently dropped some updates for the game, along with the latest making some extensive changes to enemy behavior. It also makes Scarlet Shadow impervious to falling damage and some Umbral Lamp abilities, which is just amazing. I love when cheap enemies get a major buff.

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