The MacBook Pro is back in black, now powered with the M3

An M3-powered MacBook Pro with space black color on a black corrugated background.

picture, Kyle Barr/Gizmodo

It’s Halloween Eve, and Apple came out with some new desktop products To enjoy the dark joys of the horror season, a new Space Black color is available exclusively for the company’s flagship laptop. Gizmodo had the opportunity to trick-or-treat through the new M3-powered laptops and desktop PCs as the company tries to introduce the monstrous power of its new silicon into a smaller size.

With an all-Hallow’s Eve theme for Apple’s latest product announcement, the company’s “Scary Fast” digital event was filled with enough dark fog and werewolf howls to warrant a new dark Halloween costume for its MacBook Pros. Macbook Pro Maintain their 14- and 16-inch sizeWhile the iMac—the the last of which was released in 2021Remains at -24 inches. Unfortunately, there’s no 32-inch iMac this year.

The biggest change for MacBook Pros is found under the hood with the upgrade from the M2 chip to the M3. Most notably, the newfangled M3 silicon supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing. This is such an important feature that Apple wanted to show off the M3’s power in some recent games as well, including 3D rendering.

The company chose a few video games to show off the capabilities of its new hardware. had at least one big hit as baldur’s gate iii, But the company also tried to share the laptop’s capabilities mist And P’s lie, Two games that aren’t exactly known as graphic powerhouses. Every game was running at medium to low settings except Rogue, Running at high speed with base M3 on iMac.

With the Max model allowing up to 128 GB of RAM, the M3 Max can run graphics rendering software with enough space to leave around 40 GB of memory left for other activities. We’re told the top-of-the-line M3 chips can support four high-quality displays simultaneously, although we only got a chance to see it running on two.

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