The Music Experience Offers an Immersive Way to Listen to Your Favorite Songs

The defining feature of the app is its simplicity. You can appreciate the music even if there is not much visual noise.

Getting started is simple. You start by choosing your favorite music genres and then the music moods. Then you can dive into the app that helps you discover new music from around the world from different artists.

All music suggestions are tailored and up-to-date and use your current and past music listening preferences. Instead of text, you can see different album covers and can be refreshed at any time.

There is a huge list of music genres and subgenres to explore with beautiful album covers. I enjoy scanning all the album covers and listening to new music. There are also charts and new releases to see.

You can also fill all your CD or vinyl collection directly in the app, just scan the barcodes with your camera inside the app.

The app can access the entire catalog of Apple Music, which offers audio up to 24 bit and 192 kHZ with Spatial Audio if possible.

Records: The Music Experience is a free download for iPhone and all iPad models.

An optional subscription is available for $1.99 per month or $17.99 per year. There is a free trial.

You can also unlock lifetime access for $49.99. All options are able to open unlimited collections and access them on all devices and can add any playlist from a library as full records in a collection.

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