The Xbox leadership reshuffle isn’t just a corporate chair swap, it could help Bethesda avoid another Redfall

Some of Xbox’s top executives have received shiny new titles to hang on their office doors thanks to a reorganization battle. Why should you care? Well, the changes might help prevent another game from ending up like Redfall.

The changes, detailed in an internal memo published by The Verge, will see execs Sarah Bond and Matt Booty receive major promotions, with the former becoming president of Xbox and the latter from now president of game content and studios. From the looks of the memo, written by Microsoft gaming CEO and noted Hexen fan Phil Spencer, Booty’s move looks like one that could end up having the most tangible results for the games the brand puts on ahead.

According to the memo, in his new role, Booty will lead a revamped organizational structure that will integrate ZeniMax and Bethesda more closely into Microsoft’s gaming arm, with the goal of the teams under the Xbox umbrella will work together more closely from now on. in.

“Multiple games are central to everything we do,” Spencer wrote, “We believe that an expanded game content organization — one that enables Xbox Game Studios and ZeniMax development studios to work together effectively — will empower world-class studios to do what they do best. work to grow our portfolio of games that gamers love.”

While the Microsoft gaming CEO made sure to explain that “ZeniMax will continue to operate as a limited liability entity led by Jamie Leder, President and CEO, who reports to (Booty),” it seems the move was designed to help ensure we get a little more Redfall-eque situations going forward.

As anyone who’s played it will tell you, Arkane Austin’s vampire-themed FPS didn’t live up to expectations, leading Spencer to say that Xbox will “revisit” the development process in finally produced the game published by Bethesda, as well as working to improve its status.

The newly promoted Booty also had to confirm in an interview that there are no plans in the Xbox area to close Arkane Austin after the release of Redfall, a result that, due to the close- and remove-heavy situation in the game industry in recent times, some fans are afraid to happen.

Xbox also recently revealed that its gaming revenue saw a year-over-year increase in the first quarter of the 2024 fiscal year, with the release of Starfield one of the drivers behind the bump.

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