The Xbox Third-Party Preview round-up: Still Awakens the Deep, Spirit of the North 2, Manor Lords, more

Microsoft hosted a presentation today that focused on some third-party titles coming to Xbox. For those who missed the show, we rounded up the announcements for you.

During the presentation, we were given a look at the new gameplay for Still Awake In The Deep from the masters of horror, The Chinese Room. The narrative horror game is set in the slowly collapsing Beira D oil rig, where you navigate dangerous encounters. The trailer even showed a glimpse of the supernatural entity.

December 1975. Disaster strikes the Beira D oil rig off the coast of Scotland. Navigate the collapsing rig to save your crew from an otherworldly horror within all logic and reality.

According to The Chinese Room, the inspiration for the game came from many films, starting with John Carpenter’s excellent 1982 film, The Thing. The atmosphere was inspired by the 1970s-era thriller Don’t Look Now and the 1968 horror Rosemary’s Baby. It also pays homage to the directing style of acclaimed British film director Ken Loach, with a nod to his heartbreaking film Kes. The gameplay structure is inspired by The Poseidon Adventure, and other films that provide creative fodder are Annihilation, Midsommar, Hannibal, The Southern Reach Trilogy, Sapphire & Steel, Suspiria, and others.

It looks like the players will be taken on a wild ride.

Slated for a release in 2024, Still Wakes the Deep will be available for Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox. This can also be done through Game Pass.

Manor Lords release date trailer.

The presentation also revealed the release date for the Manor Lordsthe long-awaited historical city-building strategy game from Slavic Magic.

The third most coveted game on Steam, Manor Lords tasks you with establishing a medieval town where you gather the townspeople to defend the homestead or even conquer your neighbors.

Likewise coming to Steamthe developers partnered with Xbox to release the game on day one through PC Games Pass and the Xbox Game Pass and consoles further down the line.

You can start playing Manor Lords on April 26, 2024.

Teaser trailer for Ikaro: Immortal.

Ikaro: Immortal announced in an action-packed trailer, showcasing FuturLab and Thunderful’s momentum-based, fast-flowing action rogue-lite.

Set in a futuristic, neon facility, the game features gravity surfing action and unique combat that allows you to chain abilities through sci-fi environments.

Not much is known about the game, but more will be shared soon. At release, it will be available for Steam and Xbox.

Spirit of the North 2 announcement trailer.

Another game that was announced during the presentation was the sequel to Spirit of the North.

on Spirit of the North 2you control a new fox who travels with a crow companion in an effort to free the lost guardians from the clutches of the shaman Grimnir and return home.

On your journey, you’ll explore unique biomes, each with challenges and secrets to uncover. Discover powerful runes that enhance your abilities as your quest takes you from dense forests to snow-capped peaks and into dark and ancient crypts.

You can customize your fox’s appearance along with the skills you need to face off against enemies as you rescue the legendary guardian animals in puzzle-based battles.

Without a firm release date, the game will come out in 2024 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Return to Old Detroit in RoboCop: Rogue City.

Today, Teyon showed off new gameplay footage, including a battle with ED-209 in the future RoboCop: Rogue City.

Released on November 2 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, in the game, you’ll explore the blurred lines between humanity and machinery by experiencing recurring visions of Alex Murphy’s past life.

You will also explore the dichotomy surrounding RoboCop’s existence and explore his psyche to understand his state of mind, especially during a mandatory psychiatric evaluation.

The developers worked with the original RoboCop, Peter Weller, who provided the voiceover for this titular character and gave the team feedback.

With your powerful Auto-9 or one of the other 20 weapons available, your job in the game is to exterminate criminals using your robotic strength and cybernetic abilities, which can be upgraded as you go. – you’re good.

Set between RoboCop 2 and RoboCop3, the game features an original story that has you investigating a new enemy that threatens public order in Detroit.

The team behind the Hinterberg dungeons shows some new gameplay of the challenges that the main character Luisa may face in her adventures and who she will meet along the way.

The game centers around Hinterberg, a tourist hotspot in the Austrian Alps. You play as Luisa, who takes a break from corporate life to conquer the Dungeons of Hinterberg and become a Master Slayer.

It is full of different actions such as the ability to snowboard on a glacier, zipline in a forest, climb a mountain, and there are many places to discover. There are also monsters lurking around every corner, and you can use the wind, conjure a snowboard, solve puzzles in dungeons, and freeze your enemies.

There is also a social side to the game, with locals and visitors to interact with and learn more about them and their lives. You can also get an insight into what is happening in the village of Hinterberg through them, and you can decide who to befriend.

In the evening, you may decide to spend quality time with someone, and if you deepen your relationship, you will be rewarded. Building strong relationships is also key to becoming a formidable assassin.

Dungeons of Hinterberg is coming to PC and Xbox Series X/S in early 2024 and one day with Game Pass.

The Finals open beta trailer.

Finally, Embark Studios provides a new look at their upcoming team-based competitive shooter, The Finals. This free-to-play game centers around virtual arenas with destruction physics.

Look for more information on the game in the coming year.

The closed beta starts tomorrow, October 26, for Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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