Threads users can now post polls, GIFs

Threads Adds Polls/GIF

This feature works the same way as posted surveys instagram stories But along with this the app will send a notification to the users who voted when the voting ends.

The GIF and poll options follow several other recent additions to threads including Web-based version of the app, an edit buttonprofile switching, choice, a chronological feedeven more.

Some changes were made to the threads after Zuckerberg told investors during a meeting earnings call On Wednesday he estimated the app would reach one billion users. The projections may seem shocking, as Threads currently has less than 100 million monthly active users, but Zuckerberg says that at the current growth rate, the number of users could reach his expectations within a few years.

“We’re now three months in and I’m very pleased with the progress,” Zuckerberg said on the call. “I’ve long thought there should be a public conversation app for a billion people that’s a little more positive. And I think if we keep at it for a few more years, I think we have a good chance of achieving our goal there.”

the threads flew After its initial launch in June, it had over one million active users in the first week, but the app soon lost momentum, Over 80% drop in its daily active users In early August. In Q2 earnings callZuckerberg told investors that more people are coming back to Threads every day than he expected, but he said they are “focusing on improving retention and fundamentals” before trying to boost the number of users coming to Threads. Were concentrating”.

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