Tinder also designed profile pages with prompts, info tags and quizzes

Tinder has revamped its profile pages to make them more informative and create easier starting points for conversations. The company launched features such as profile prompts as conversation starters, profile quizzes, basic info tags, and dark mode.

Let’s take a look at these new features in detail. The Match group-owned app has launched profile prompts so users can enter prompts and answers such as “The key to my heart is,” “The first thing on my bucket list is,” and “Two truths and one lie. .” If this sounds familiar, it’s because Hinge, another one of Match’s properties, uses these types of prompts.

Users can also take a quiz about themselves so potential matches can learn about them. Tinder isn’t the only one that uses a question-and-answer mechanism to drive matches. Apps, such as Hatched, use the method to uncover profiles by answering personality-related questions.

In addition, Tinder added a way for users to share basic information through profile tags. These tags can be about a user’s interests, pets, drinking habits, and zodiac signs. Tinder’s rival Bumble now has a feature to share details about yourself through tags.

As Tinder rolls out new features and profile sections, the company says it’s providing the option to report certain content in these sections as well.

Tinder has also updated other elements of the app, such as user interface changes, new animations including one for the “It’s a Match!” screen, and a dark mode setting.

Last month, Tinder launched a feature to let your friends play matchmaker by viewing and suggesting potential matches.

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