Titanfall 2 fans are back on the copium again, and they think an announcement is on the way

If you ask a Titanfall 2 fan about the game right now, they will tell you that there is almost certainly an announcement coming.

Last week, Respawn Entertainment revealed the latest legend Conduit, whose backstory literally has titans. The trailer certainly makes it seem like all the teases we’ve seen are just establishing the new character, but fans are still convinced that there’s something specific related to Titanfall that hasn’t been announced yet. On Reddit, fans are gathering evidence that at least some sort of announcement will be made on the game’s anniversary, October 28, which happens this week. Really? It looks like something is coming.

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For one, there’s the fact that Titanfall 2 is now back online, with the welcome message updated from “I’m the Fighter, I can find work for pilots with skills,” to, “I am the Defender, welcome back to all pilots.“Now, that’s a small thing considering that this is the first time that players can play the game for a while. However, this will not be the last time that it is updated. On October 19, the message changed to, “Receiving encrypted message. . Transmission To Pilot Failed…” Then on October 23, it changed again, this time to “Retry Sending Encrypted Message..

As it turned out, fans found that the encrypted message was in the description of a new gamemode, reading, “Receiving encrypted message.. Protocol Unknown.. Failed to decrypt.. Printing raw message..” as well as some hex code. This hex code translates to “from candy to copper,” and as Reddit points out, copper is the traditional gift you give on a seventh wedding anniversary. And yes, you probably guessed it, it’s Titanfall 2’s seventh anniversary this week to be exact.

More importantly, the limited time mode is also called “anniversaryprep“So yes, it sure looks like something is coming. It should come with a heavy pinch of salt though, because a new game is unlikely.

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