Todd Howard Reveals Elder Scrolls 6 Is Early Due To Brutal Games

A lead Skyrim The designer explained why Bethesda executive Todd Howard the curtain was removed The Elder Scrolls 6 in 2018, despite the long study of the shipping studio Starfield: Angry players with their pitchforks and torches.

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In an interview on October 23 on the gaming podcast MinnMax, Bruce Nesmith talks about his history with Bethesda Softworks. Nesmith—who associated with the company since the ’90s with credits to Fallout 3, lapseand Skyrim—told host Ben Hanson that Bethesda was embarrassed for being so tight-lipped the Elder Scrolls 6 for such a long time. It got to the point where, according to Nesmith, Howard had to do something to quell the allegedly angry mob. And that’s one thing, done, dropped a teaser of the next entry of The Elder Scrolls series during E3 in June 2018. Nesmith said:

“Well, you have to remember that the company took years of hits for not talking Elder Scrolls 6. I mean, years of hits. Because Todd’s opinion—one I share, by the way—is that the video game industry has short memories. Those companies that start touting their games years ahead are really, you know, they’re screwing themselves. The best time to start talking about it is six months before the release. (…) So, just the fact that everything—you know, the pitchforks and torches are gone. Todd said, ‘Yes, we will Elder Scrolls 6. I promise you, it’s true. It will happen.’ But I bet you won’t hear much in the way of details until about six months before release, which is the way it should be. I think that’s the best approach, and (Todd) has proven that it works well—at least for Bethesda.


The Elder Scrolls 6 is revealed at E3 2018 with a teaser which plunges into a mountainous landscape as the drums crescendo into a horn section—and that’s it. Since the teaser, little news like the game will go into early development this year and the potential setting of the game takes place in the came out of the Bethesda offices, but it’s been essentially radio silence for the past five years.

Kotaku Bethesda was reached for comment.

Nesmith no longer works at Bethesda. According to his LinkedIn pagehe left his role as design director in September 2021 and self-published a Norse fantasy mythology epic called Doer of Mischief. However, Nesmith told Hanson that some of his ideas may still be seen The Elder Scrolls 6.

“The whole system of magic is for Skyrim? I convinced Todd to let me throw the baby out with the bathwater and restart (it) from scratch, and he trusted me enough to do that,” Nesmith said. “Maybe there are still signs of that in (The Elder Scrolls 6). The whole ‘you do it to get better at it’? While that wasn’t my original idea, I had a big hand in that. That will absolutely continue. A lot of concepts dealing with how you level and things like that, you know, there’s a lot of new ideas to throw in, but I bet some of the things I’ve been working on will live on in the new- o. “

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Maybe it is a time before we know, but whenever it falls, Todd Howard said maybe this is the end he works on. Whatever The Elder Scrolls 6 Contains, however, we know it won’t be coming to PlayStation anytime soon.

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