Ugreen Nexode 300W GaN Charger Review

The Ugreen name is becoming synonymous with computer accessories and power adapters in particular. I’ve covered Ugreen’s NexoD products before, but a new nexod The monstrosity makes its debut with a massive 300W power delivery.

Large power supplies have heatsinks and often fans, that’s for sure. At least, this Was given. AC to DC conversion, also known as Improvementis a fairly efficient process (Look bridge rectifier,, However, changing the voltage of DC power is not always that effective for more complex reasons, but the basic problem is resistance, Switch-mode power supplies, also known as digital power supplies, switch power on and off at extremely high frequencies in such a way that the voltage is averaged (see duty cycle,

Almost all modern DC power supplies operate in this manner. It removes the need for (Relatively) Expensive transformers to reduce voltage to meet requirements. However, the cheaper cost of materials may have a trade-off, and that is heat. Because a switch-mode power supply can, depending on the intended use, contain large amounts of current passing semiconductors. A power transformer uses conductors, and a switch-mode power supply uses semiconductors. The difference in conductivity, or increased resistance, of a switch-mode power supply, in other words, results in overheating.

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Ugreen Nexode 300W Package Front

So, to keep that background information in the background, the incredibly amazing thing about Ugreen’s Nexode 300W is that it is a switch-mode power supply with no cooling and fits in one hand. This is largely due to the use of gallium nitride or GaN like the rest of the Nexode line of chargers, but also due to Ugreen’s engineering and ingenuity. Gallium nitride is a relatively new semiconductor that is poised to take over power electronics due to its low resistance, at least in contrast to silicon, despite being a semiconductor. This reduces heat.

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering what you would use a 300W USB power adapter for, and that’s actually a fair question. But to answer this we will have to take a look at the features of Nexode 300W.

Nexod 300W Specifications

maximum output wattage 300W
semiconductor type Gallium Nitride (GaN)
power input 100-240V 50/60Hz 4.2A Max
fast charging support USB PD 3.1, QC3.0, and more
Maximum single-port wattage 140W
Maximum dual-port wattage 240W(140W+100W)
USB port 4x USB Type-C, 1x USB Type A
ac power adapter IEC C5 connector
Ugreen Nexode 300W Specifications
Ugreen Nexode 300W Contents

With five ports supporting fast charging, it starts to become clear how the Nexode 300W matters. Ugreen intended it to be used not for one device but for multiple devices. You can charge a laptop, phone, tablet, and then many other things at once while providing enough power to charge all your devices as fast as possible. This apart from sampling the internal temperature ensures that it never exceeds safe limits.

The ports are labeled C1 to C4 and USB-A. Starting with C1 at the top, the port’s maximum power decreases as you move down the USB-A port. The C1 is capable of delivering an eye-watering 140W, the C2 and C3 can both provide up to 100W, followed by the C4 and USB-A at up to 45W and 22.5W respectively.


Ugreen gave the Nexode 300W the same sophisticated premium and professional aesthetic that the Nexode line is known for. Unlike the Nexod 140W, Ugreen gave the 300W a plastic exterior, and it’s made even more convincing by the release lines or seams that are visible when the exterior is finished. While this does take away from the premium feel, unlike the 140W, the hefty weight of 300W compensates for this well. The weight and mostly similar exterior come together to give the Nexod 300W quite a premium feel.

On the right side, “300w” is embossed in black letters. The font is a little gamer-y in my opinion, but it doesn’t look bad or lack aesthetics, mainly due to the less noticeable space on the back. Moving on to the bottom, there are some very nice silicone feet glued onto a silicone pad. Of all things, these silicone feet feel extremely premium, with a texture that is very pleasant to touch.

Ugreen Nexode 300W Package Back

In the box, Ugreen includes an IEC C5 power adapter, which in my case is the North American version. there are also user instructions And 300W 5-Port PD GaN Fast Charger Instruction manual. I’m not sure why there are two, except for user instructions The manual mentions FCC and IC compliance, the US and Canadian regulatory bodies respectively. Therefore, this manual is likely region-specific. Lastly, and certainly not least, Ugreen also includes a 240W capable USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable.

The unboxing experience was straightforward. It was very easy to open it. And, as always appreciated, Ugreen has used only a few materials that cannot be recycled. It came well packaged, well protected, and consisted only of some tape and a piece of foam about 2 mm thick to secure the retail sleeve. In my opinion, an exemplary approach to packaging a product, and such a thorough one at that.


Overall, Ugreen followed the well-received Nexod aesthetic. Despite the plastic exterior, it still feels premium. The Nexode 300W will definitely look good in professional and business settings, hopefully it will help keep your cables in order.

Power Output – As far as I know, the Nexode 300W has the highest output of any mobile device charger on the market.

Versatility – With five charging ports, including a USB Type-A port, you can charge virtually any mobile device that supports USB charging, and do so as fast as the device supports.

Price – Premium products come with premium price tags. Launching with a starting price of 199 USD and then rising to 269 USD after two weeks, the Nexode 300W is definitely priced premium.

As always, I’m extremely hesitant to give blanket product recommendations. The Nexode 300W is an excellent product. Finally, it’s definitely on my list of recommended products, but only where appropriate. There are many other chargers on the market, including Ugreen’s Nexode line, that are more suitable for most people’s needs than this 300W giant.

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