Ultra rare RPG Invisible Sun is making a magical comeback

In 2018, Monte Cook Games Issued invisible sun, A massive tabletop game where players take on the role of Wisley – a newly awakened wizard who has returned after exile to travel across the planes of existence to hone his magic. It was distributed in a literal black box and sold out almost immediately, becoming a prized item for collectors instant cult classic,

A new crowdfunding campaign for a reprint was just launched—and within hours, invisible sunThe return was fully financed. io9 spoke by phone with Monte Cook Games CEO Charles Ryan, who said he was thrilled with the support. “There’s clearly some pent-up demand,” Ryan said. “When I say we sold out, I mean we sold out… There’s no black cube at the MCG, there’s nothing in the warehouses, it wasn’t available.” Ryan said some employees even left personal copies to meet demand.

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The game is unrealistic and weird; Our world exists on one level, but you play the game within other levels of existence. The game is essentially about subverting expectations and forcing people to ask questions about the world around them. “It’s about how you combine things in unexpected ways. We’ve all seen a cat and we’ve all seen a snail. But when you add them up it stuns people,” Ryan said. “A large part of invisible sun It is that the concrete world we live in, where everything is knowable and provable, is a lie. The true realities of the universe are much broader than that of which we are a part.

The game creates a sense of wonder and joy, emphasizing a strange and overwhelming beauty as the characters make their own directions in this world. To reach that mechanically, Ryan said, “You have to have a system that allows you to get unexpected results. You have to make it feel magical. There are at least four magical systems in the game, but all Tarot- Such as Sooth are driven by decks that will affect aspects of magic in the game.

And because all the players are magicians, in a sense, the Sooth deck is an instant change to the core of the characters themselves. “As you turn these cards over, you will mechanically influence the world turn-by-turn or scene-by-scene.” This means, Ryan explained, that players consider what they can do “right now”, rather than what their character sheet says they can do.

Another key to this game is a kind of meta twist in the setting, when the game also takes place outside the clear framework of the table. “You can create scenes away from the game table and come back, interact with the DM, and move the story forward,” Ryan said. These are called “side-scenes” and “the players can do it together, and turn to the GM, who can use a single Soothe card to give the players a solution.”

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invisible sun Based on the Cypher system, first introduced in the MCG Numenara in 2013, and is designed to focus on rich character building and relationships. Ryan explained, “The characters move forward by pursuing their goals.” “And the characters really have to experience joy and despair in order to move forward.”

The game can be intimidating, but Monte Cook and the designers worked hard to make sure there were easy ways to engage players. There are different versions of character sheets that allow people to get into the game, and world-building allows characters to enter the game through different levels.

One of the new products Monte Cook is hoping to introduce could help solve that intimidation problem, as even experienced players can get invisible sun Awesome to start with. Wellspring will unlock after 656 backers (which, considering at the time of writing, BackerKit was at around 500, seems incredibly probable), and it’ll give you a place to start when you create these characters. Will be based on the idea of ​​giving the first session and develop all of their hooks. (The Wellspring) will also give the GM ideas about how to use those hooks in the plot.

you can come back invisible sun But backerkit now, The game has a free quick start available to download,

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