What Is Jio AirFiber? How Jio AirFiber Works?Launch Date 2023

Jio AirFibre launch

jio airfiber
jio airfiber

JIo airfiber lunch date

Jio Airfiber lunch date has come, Just yesterday Ambani Ji said that Jio AirFiber 5g is going to be launched on 19th September 2023.

It is about to be launched on Ganesh Chaturthi, so everyone has heard that Jio AirFiber is about to be launched.

It is going to be on September 19 but still, many people are confused that after all Jio Air Fiber

What is it jio airfiber

what is it , how does it reduce how many devices are there in it and what are the things in it, live and

Many people are confused about fiber, so I am going to tell you everything in detail.

What is Jio and Fiber in easy language and how does Jio and Fiber reduce [Music]

So what is Jio and Fiber it works like Fiber but it is a radio-based solution and completely

It is wireless, in this the wire will not come to the house, you mean the net which is there, it will run only through the signal like fiber.

Virus has come to the house and it happens little by little, after our broadband or fiber is installed.

It seems but there is nothing like this, There will be two types of devices, one will be an indoor device and one will be an outdoor one.

There will be a device, both these devices will remain at home, which will be out and the device will be on the user’s rooftop or on the balcony.

It will look like an antenna, as if we used to put TV earlier, used to put antenna or umbrella

If there were any, it would catch the signal and then send that signal to the TV. This antenna would also be something similar.

Will reduce like and it will catch the signal from the tower of Reliance which will be nearby and will catch the signal

Will send it to these devices because Indore will act as a hotspot on the device.

Will send and then when it turns on, it will connect to all the devices. In this, you will get high-speed internet.

You are going to get up to 1gbps because it has 5G which is a band of breath that will be so much that you can use it even at home or

Then you can connect many devices in the office which will not have speed instructions, meaning all

The speed of the devices will be exactly the same as the speed of normal fiber if you use too many devices.

If you connect then the speed will be reduced but in this it is not so, in this everyone’s speed will be up to 1gbps.

If it is going to have the speed of 4G, then the speed will be very high in everything, even if your phone is 4G, your phone will also have 4G.

5G will start working, as you might have heard about BSNL and Fiber, it is best for remote areas.

Similarly, it may also happen that in remote areas where there is no internet, the charges are the same.

I too should be more than fiber, I should also be less, till now No announcement has been made, and that too on 19th September.

It will be known that for the time being, A has already charged more oil and fiber and it will cost a little less than B’s airtel and fiber.

Whether its cost is low will be known only on 19th September. So if you liked the video then don’t hesitate to like it.

What is AirFiber Jio?

Reliance Jio has launched Jio AirFiber, a wireless broadband service that promises high-speed internet, home entertainment, and smart home services. The service aims to provide last-mile connectivity in India, utilizing Jio’s extensive optical fiber network.

What is Jio AirFiber cost?

Following are the monthly plans offered by Jio AirFiber:

Rs 599 plan: 30 mbps speed, unlimited calls, 550+ TV channels, and 14 OTT apps. Rs 899 plan: 100 mbps speed, 550+ TV channels, and 14 OTT apps

What is the difference between Jio fiber and Jio AirFiber?

Jio AirFiber provides faster internet speeds at 1.5 Gbps compared to Jio Fiber’s 1 Gbps, with an easy plug-and-play setup. Reliance Jio recently launched its long-awaited Jio AirFiber service in India, utilizing its 5G network to deliver wireless high-speed internet north of 1Gbps

What is the cost of Jio AirFiber installation?

However, according to the company’s FAQ section, in order to ensure an ultra-fast connection, an outdoor unit will be installed on your terrace/rooftop or outside your home. This installation service is chargeable at Rs 1,000 but will be waived off in case you opt for an annual plan.

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