Why don’t the founders care about sustainability?

Everyone talks a good game, but less than 1% of founders mention ‘sustainability’ in their fundraising documents.

When I spoke of the hundreds of founders at this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt, everyone seemed to be in a broad consensus that climate change is a bad thing. But it still seems like it’s all lip service.

I recently used an AI tool to analyze my library of thousands of pitch decks to see how many founders talked about the environment, climate change or sustainability in their pitch deck. The result was quite dismal: Less than 1% of the pitch decks discussed any of these topics, and those that did were mostly startups specifically built to address climate change.

That is a travesty. If you’re a cog in a giant, 45,000-person, multinational corporation, you have a chance to become a grassroots influencer, but it’s hard to move a supertanker. As a founder, however, you are in the rare position of being able to shape a company to your liking.

If you care about equity, retention, parental leave – pick your thread – you have a chance to make a difference. Take that stance, make that statement, put it in your mission or vision statement or values. And share it as part of your pitch deck.

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