Why supersize convenience stores could be the key to unlocking EV fast charging

If someone can make EV charging work, it could be Buc-ee’s.

You’ve probably heard of the convenience store chain, but if you live outside of the Southern US, chances are you’ve never experienced it. And they are an experience. Buc-ee’s stores are revered throughout Texas for the cleanliness of their restrooms, the breadth and scale of their food offerings, and the ridiculously large number of pumps at most locations.

With the transition to electric vehicles underway, companies like Buc-ee have a lot to lose. While the bulk of the company’s revenue comes from in-store offerings, the real draw is cheap and plentiful fuel. If demand for that drops, Buc-ee’s and supersize convenience stores will find themselves competing against grocery stores, hypermarkets and stand-alone car washes. Buc-ee may be good, but every category has many competitors. Part of Buc-ee’s innovation is the fact that you get everything, at a gas station.

If there is no gas, then what?

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