Will the co-founder of Airbnb build your next home?

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Not long agoI wonder if the startups help to solve US housing crisis. Now the city has a new name: The Airbnb spinout Samara, which recently got new funding. As for Dig, it got it shortly after I started digging into its category: data security posture management. — Anna

The Airbnb playbook

With a shortage of at least 3.8 million homes, the US housing crisis does not show many signs of improvement. Comparing the situation to what it was a year ago, the VC firm Gutter Capital noted that it was even INCREASING in some respects – above all, investment.

“(I)t investor interest in the housing market, which had previously cooled, has frozen,” wrote managing partner James Gettinger. “While rising interest rates don’t equate to a shortage of housing supply, it’s more than enough to scare away venture capital investors. Proptech funds tell us they’re only investing in software right now. Unfortunately, software doesn’t build and houses.

In contrast, Gutter Capital still stands at thesis it was stated a year ago: “There is a historic opportunity today to invest in businesses that are accelerating housing development in the United States.”

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