YouTube Music Recap isn’t Spotify Wrapped, but it’s still fun

While Apple Music Replay failed to follow Spotify Wrapped, YouTube Music’s 2023 Recap offers a personal and interactive experience. YouTube Music introduced three new features this year – custom album art, music moods and the ability to personalize and shuffle Google Photos with favorite songs. And, for the first time, you can see your statistics in the YouTube Music app, while the year-end review of Apple Music is only available on the web.

To access YouTube Music’s Recap, select your profile avatar in the upper right corner and tap “Your Recap.” YouTube Music shows your top five artists, songs, moods, genres, albums and playlists as well as your longest consecutive listens and how many total minutes you’ve listened to in 2023.

New to the Recap experience is custom album art, where YouTube Music pulls a collection of colors and visuals from your top songs to create an album cover that captures your vibe and aesthetic throughout the year. The music service also introduced mood matching, a new feature that associates your top songs with terms like laidback, happy-go-plucky and stoked.

Last year, YouTube Music launched shareable cards that you can personalize by adding your own images directly from Google Photos. Now, it gives you the ability to shuffle and customize photos, combining your favorite songs from each season with nostalgic memories to create a visual that covers the whole year in a seamless small bow.

Although it’s hard to compete with Spotify Wrapped — with nine years of content and funny memes — YouTube Music has the right idea. On the other hand, Apple Music lacks the flavor of boring metrics and muted color schemes.

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